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Linda de Sousa  

Studio: Paseo de los Melancólicos, 9 1º-B
Madrid 28005
Cell phone:: 00 34 630829571


1949 Born in Lisbon. Portugal.
1969 Finishes Technical Studies of Chemistry in Lisbon.
1970 Moves to Madrid where she fixes her residence.
1980 Co-founder in Madrid of the Plastic Expression Study “La Paleta”, where she starts her activity as a teacher of Plastic Arts.
1989 Receives formation on Restoration field at Maestro Julian Fernández Picazo’s atelier in Madrid.
1990 Opening in Madrid of her own Plastic Arts academy.
1991 Institutes the annual awards of the academy “Linda, Artes Plásticas”.
1992 She is appointed correspondent in Madrid of the “Beaux Arts European Club” of Bèziers.
1994 Organizer of the Exposition “Crear en España” celebrated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Organizer of the Exposition “Homage to New York City” celebrated in New York City, USA.
1997 Participates on the first course of Scenery Painting for professionals directed by Professor Dr. Jose´Sánchez Carralero of the Fine Arts faculty of Madrid.
1999 Organizer of the Exposition “Nove artistas Nueve expresiones” celebrated in Lisbon, Portugal.
Represents the Dirección General de Turismo of the Comunidad de Madrid on the I Jornadas Culturales Luso-Españolas celebrated in collaboration with the Junta de Turismo da Costa do Estoril.
Participates with her atelier in Expo Ocio. Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid.
2000 Founds with other four painters Grupo eÑe.
Opens with the group the art and design gallery Per Sempre in Madrid.
Named artistic director of Per Sempre gallery
2002 Takes a Course on Restoration of Easel Painting, Albarracín, Teruel.
Acts as jury in different international and national expositions.
2006 Participates in the workshop directed by Eva Lootz and organized by the Fundación de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Madrid, Segovia, Soria, Potes, Cantabria, Cifuentes, Guadalajara, Cervera de Pisuerga, Palencia, Sigüenza, (Spain) y Alcobaça, Lisboa, Guimarães, Porto, (Portugal).

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the Dominican Republic and the United States, highlighting the Volunteer Museum of the Royal Houses in Santo Domingo, the Contemporary Art Museum of Ayllón, Segovia the Goya Art Galerie in New York, and the FAIM in the Anthropological Museum and with Portugal as guest country at the Madrid Trade Fair.

Porto, Batalha and Estoril.
Exhibits with the eÑe Group in:
Casino of Estoril. Portugal
Per Sempre Design Gallery and Art. Madrid.
Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid.
Per Sempre Design Gallery and Art. Alcalá de Henares.

1990 Medaille d’Argent de Arts Plastiques. Saint Guilhem-Le-Désert.
1991 Medaille d’Argent du Conseil Général. Saint Guilhem-Le-Désert.
1991 Medaille d’Or Salón Art et Vin. Boujan-Sur-Libron.
1991 Medaille de Bronze XXIV Salón Castellnaudary.
1991 Medalla de Plata Andalucía de Toulouse-Hispania.
1991 Medaille d’Argent. I International Salon of Maraussan.
1991 1th Prix Ville de Marseillan.
1992 Medaille Atellier Glicine. Saint Guilhem-Le-Désert.
1993 Prix Reconnaissance Des Arts. Beziers.
1999 Prix a la Originalité of the Spanish Colony Bèziers
2000 Prix du Jury IX International Salon of Maraussan.
2000 Medaille de Bronze in L.A.F.M. La Grande Motte.
2001 Medaille d’Argent in L.A.F.M. La Grande Motte.
2002 Premi a la Originalitat Ajuntament de San Jaume de Llierca. (Girona)
2004 Diplome Honorifique XIII International Salon of Maurassan.
2005 Prix d’Beaux Arts European Club. XIV International Salon of Mauraussan.